A half-mile sandy beach landscape of peace and privacy

Crescent Beach ADA accessible.jpg

Key Facts & Details

  • Day pass required for visit

  • Half-mile of private beach access

  • Wheelchair accessible beach

  • Closest sandy beach to Port Angeles (30 minute drive)

  • Day pass includes access to restrooms & hot showers

Beach Passes

  • Day Pass: $8 per person/per pet

  • Season Pass: $100 for 20 uses

  • Day pass included with overnight stay


About Crescent Beach

Crescent Bay's ever-changing waves (from bathtub calm to crashing surf) provide plenty of year-round enjoyment for all. The beach gets its name from the distinctive half-bowl crescent shape.  A beautiful one-half mile of this sandy beach is a part of the park.

The most popular activity is to stroll the private beach from one end to another collecting the perfect seaside memento.  Every tide brings in a unique collection of sand dollars, shells, agates and driftwood. Children love to spend their time building sandcastles or driftwood forts, beachcombing, flying kits, writing in the sand or playing with the seaweed.

Most children are fascinated with the seaweed brought in by some tides. The bullwhip kelp with its long tail, bulbous and fringed end is truly amazing. Occasionally the narrow end will still be attached to a piece of the reef.  This makes for a great natural toy.

East of the bay, guests can see Tongue Point Marine Life Sanctuary.  If you watch long enough, you may spot a whale or two showing off!  If you aren't fortunate enough to spot a whale, you may catch a glance at an otter or other marine life exploring the bay.

Due to the diverse habitat of the region, bird-watching is exceptional year-round.  An abundance of seagulls, shorebirds and water fowl makes this a haven for birdwatchers.  Yet you don't need to be a seasoned bird-watcher to appreciate the majestic bald eagle as it soars over the beach meadow in the afternoons.  

Black-tail deer are often seen grazing in the beach meadow.  An enchanting sight, especially when it is a wide-eyed doe with a fawn or yearling. 

And don't forget to pack those binoculars!  The Straits host a colorful array of modern super ships, cruise liners and submarines.

For the adventurous, don a wet suit and grab your surfboard to catch the perfect wave - summer or winter!  Or bring your kayak or canoe and launch from our sandy beach.